InnoSpectra secured the government contract for the "Handheld Asbestos NIR Spectrometer (including display) and Model Usage License."



The subsidiary of Coretronic (5371), InnoSpectra, has recently successfully secured the bid for the Chemicals Administration, Ministry of Environment's "Handheld Asbestos NIR Spectrum (including display) and Model Usage License."


InnoSpectra developed NIR Spectrometer system, adopting DLP core technology and incorporating independently developed software and algorithms to rapidly and non-destructively identify whether a sample contains asbestos. This enables law enforcement units to confirm results within just 5 seconds, effectively improving detection efficiency and reducing associated costs. Ultimately, this ensures that asbestos-containing products are prevented from entering the domestic market.


The "Handheld Asbestos Detection Solution" introduced by InnoSpectra is not only competitive in the market but also aligns with the trend of compact and portable devices. This innovation not only facilitates swift asbestos detection by government agencies but also opens the opportunity to expand this solution to countries such as Europe, North America, and Japan, where there are strict regulations regarding asbestos products.