Standard 900~1700nm

Extended 1350~2150nm

Extended Plus 1600~2400nm



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Pynect ✖ InnoSpectra Corporation ✨ NIR Spec

CSBP Boosts Agricultural Testing Capabilities

Application of NIR handheld transmission spec

The Transmissive type is suitable and helpful to assess the quality of locally produced antimalarial medicines

Milk adulteration & contamination testing sol

NIR-M-T1 has been used for Milk adulteration & contamination testing solution

Smart Drug Quick Screening Platform


InnoSpectra NIR spectrometer has been used for quality check of kavalactones

About InnoSpectra Corp.

InnoSpectra was established in December 2017 as a subsidiary of Coretronic
and is dedicated to the development and sales of near-infrared spectrometer products.